Mathew Hulbert tells us why he is looking forward
to the next few days in Glasgow.

Matt H

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Thanks for recording this piece Matt !!!

Linda Jack speaks to us about her decision
to stand as our president.

She tells us about what motivated her,
and her hopes for the party.

Linda Jack Graham N
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LIz Lynne shares her story,
and tells us why she wants to be our ninth president.

Liz & Gray
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A short interview with Presidential Candidate Daisy Cooper,
recorded at London Conference, Saturday 13th September 2014.

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Daisy Cooper

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Thanks to Baroness ‘Sal’ Brinton for going first.
Sal & Graham

Our interview from Portcullis House:
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Which film would you like to watch at conference:

All The President’s Men
Bob Roberts
The Candidate
Good Night, and Good Luck
The Ides of March
In The Loop
Wag the Dog

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Many of our listeners will remember being called ‘councillor’ for the first time.
Some of you won’t.
For those that do, re-live the happy memories of casework and council meetings:
those that don’t, and who can only wonder at the experience:
listen and learn!


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Special thanks to Councillor Damian O’Brien, in Grange Ward, Southwark.


The Land – we sing it at Glee Club every year, then.. well we sing it again the following year.
Is it time we sang it from the platform?

Should conference should join together, and celebrate a radical song of political defiance?

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Wiki: ‘The Land’

BBC World Service ‘Witness’

History Workshop Online

‘Progress & Poverty’

‘Red Flag’ (Labour Party Conference 2011)

‘The Internale‘ Billy Brag version

‘The Land’ (Beard & Sandals 2010)