Caroline talks about her career in local politics, and how she made the leap to London-wide politics.

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Grau Caroline


Well done Tim!
Tim Diamond
Hear Tim’s interview
from earlier this week:
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Tim tells us about
his vision for the party,

and recommends
some books for new members.


Tim Farron 19,137 – 56.5%
Norman Lamb 14,760 – 43.5%

Spoiled ballots 66
Turnout 34,000 – 56%
Electorate 61,000

Thanks to both our leadership candidates Norman Lamb and Tim Farron for speaking with us about their leadership campaign, and their vision for our party.

They’ve both been working hard across the country since the general election, and were enthusiastic about sharing their thoughts and ideas on policy, and a fresh direction for our party.

Their mutual respect, and enthusiasm for growth really comes across, as does their depth of knowledge about UK politics.

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Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 08.40.29
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Elaine Bagshaw spared a few minutes
to speak about her
campaign in Tower Hamlets.
Elaine B
She tells of her experience as a European candidate,
the joys of Connect, and offers an opinion on
Clipboard vs Mini-Van.

Thanks Elaine!

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Here’s our very own Steve Bradley speaking about his experience as our candidate in Bath.
Don Foster is standing down, and Steve is working to take over.

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 08.50.28
Steve speaks about his work in Bath,
and his time at Lib-Dem conference.

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Thanks to Peter Johnson, a member of the Liberator collective for speaking with
Luisa Pretolani for Liberal Democrat Radio at conference in Glasgow earlier this year.

Peter tells us about how Liberator was founded, why he continues to volunteer to support it,
and why it has out-lasted other Lib Dem publications.
Peter and Luisa LDR

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Liberator’s website
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We are pleased to have teamed up with
Ethnic and Minority Liberal Democrats
in presenting all three candidates at
a hustings event

Hustings Pic

Monday 17th November  – 7pm

Draper Tenants’ Hall,
219 Newington Butts,
Elephant and Castle,
London SE1 6SF ‎
Draper Map

Even if you have already voted,
come and meet
the next president of our party!

A great (albeit short) interview with Lord Ashdown.
Paddy tells us about why his
military experience is only part
of what makes him tick,
and what he expects from Lib-Dem peers.

Graham  & Paddy
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Thanks Paddy – you’re a legend!

Our first Government minister interview!
Rt Hon Simon Hughes MP

Simon Hughes speaking

Simon tells us about being in government,
getting to fringe meetings promptly,
and campaigning in Bermondsey.

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You can catch up with Simon’s conference speech on Youtube:
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Leeds North West MP Greg Mulholland
talks about his involvement with the Fair-Trade movement.
Interview by Mathew Hulbert, recorded at Autumn Conference 2014


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Thanks to Greg & Mat!